Need help with your eCommerce project or data project?

If you plan to build, replatform, redesign or optimize eCommerce business (or part of business) or need help with data collection, transformation and analysis- I am available for hire as an eCommerce consultant, digital marketing and project manager.

Areas where I specialise:

  • eCommerce consulting, specific focus on Magento eCommerce platform;
  • data analysis (internal and external);
  • project management;
  • digital marketing;
  • outsourcing (with focus on Eastern Europe);
  • turn-key eCommerce projects implementation (with blended delivery model through local and overseas partners)

To check my qualifications you are welcome to visit About page.

Possible ways of work

  • One-time short consultation
  • Per project assignments, fixed price or time and material based;
  • Part time work (e.g. X days per week) on longer term basis;
  • Contract work (full-time)

Drop me email or give a phone call to +61(0)401 744 597 to discuss how I can help you.

Short phone consultations can be ordered via Clarity

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