What is Magento Certified Solution Specialist (MCSS) certification

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MCSS is a first Magento certification targeting non-technical experts working with Magento eCommerce. Very briefly it is proves that a certified person has solid skills and knowledge to understand business requirements, challenges and is able to match them with possibilities that Magento eCommerce platform (both Community and Enterprise editions) provides. Hence he (or she) can make the best use of Magento and meet the business goals in optimal way by:

  • Understanding business side of ecommerce projects, looking beyond technology;
  • Being familiar with industry trends and best practices;
  • Having good expertise in such areas as project management, business analysis, digital marketing, SEO/SEM, user experience design, informational architecture, cyber security, legal implications of doing business online;
  • Avoiding unnecessary customization costs effectively using wealth of Magento out-of-the-box functionality

Magento/eBay recommends this certification for ecommerce consultants, managers responsible for online stores, project managers and business analysts. Basically it is good to have for professionals who lead a team of developers, designers and other technical experts working under online stores based on Magento eCommerce platform.

First in Australia MCSS

I am proud to be the first Magento Certified Solution Specialist. I passed the exam 20 August 2014 and was a bit surprised by the fact that no one is listed in their online directory yet, so when my listing appeared in couple days appeared that indeed I am the first MCSS in Australia.

For a bit more details about Magento and how I prepared for and passed certification exam you are welcome to read my other post.

Magento 2 Certified Solution Specialist

In August 2017 Magento introduced a new certification for Magento 2 – new generation of their eCommerce platform. It has significant differences from Magento 1, so requires serious investments to master it.

I am proud to receive Magento 2 Solution Specialist certification in the first batch with only 2 other people in Australia.


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