Effective Date: 06 Dec 2023

1. Introduction

This Privacy Policy applies to the Custom ChatGPT Bot, which is designed to offer interactive AI-based conversational experiences. Our commitment to your privacy is paramount, and this policy is crafted to transparently communicate how we handle information in the course of providing this service.

2. Information Collection

The Custom ChatGPT Bot operates on the same principles as OpenAI’s ChatGPT with regards to data collection. The types of information collected are as follows:

  • User Inputs: The bot collects the text and other inputs you provide directly when interacting with it. This includes questions, statements, or other messages you input during your interaction with the bot.
  • Technical Data: This includes basic technical information such as device type, browser type, and IP address to ensure the proper technical functioning of the bot.
  • OpenAI privacy policy can be found at https://openai.com/policies/privacy-policy

3. Use of Information

The information collected is used solely for the following purposes:

  • Service Provision: To provide and maintain the functionality of the Custom ChatGPT Bot, including understanding and responding to user queries.
  • Improvement and Development: To enhance the bot’s performance and user experience. This includes training the bot to better understand and respond to user interactions.
  • Compliance and Enforcement: To comply with applicable laws, regulations, and to enforce our terms and conditions.

4. Non-Collection of Sensitive Personal Data

The Custom ChatGPT Bot does not collect sensitive personal data such as financial information, health records, or government-issued identifiers.

5. Data Retention

Data collected is retained only for as long as necessary to provide the service and for the purposes outlined in this policy.

6. Data Security

We implement reasonable measures to secure the data collected against unauthorized access, alteration, disclosure, or destruction.

7. Changes to this Policy

We may update this policy from time to time. Any changes will be communicated through an updated effective date and, if significant, through other means such as email.

8. Contact Information

For any questions or concerns regarding this privacy policy, please contact us at [Insert Contact Information].

9. Governing Law

This policy is governed by the laws of [Insert Jurisdiction], without regard to its conflict of law principles.

10. User Responsibilities Regarding Sensitive Data

  • Caution Against Sharing Sensitive Information: Users are advised not to share sensitive personal information, including but not limited to financial details, health information, social security numbers, and other personally identifiable information, while interacting with the Custom ChatGPT Bot.
  • No Liability for User Disclosures: The Custom ChatGPT Bot is not designed to process or safeguard sensitive personal information. We are not responsible for any consequences arising from the disclosure of such information during the course of interaction with the bot.
  • Prompt Reporting of Inadvertent Disclosures: If a user inadvertently discloses sensitive information, we encourage them to report this immediately to Open AI via email [email protected]. However, users should be aware that our ability to address such disclosures is limited, given the nature of the data processing involved.
  • User Discretion Advised: Users are encouraged to exercise discretion and caution in their interactions with the Custom ChatGPT Bot, particularly regarding the sharing of any personal or sensitive information.