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Why Magento is more popular keyword than eCommerce

Why Magento is more popular keyword than eCommerce

Google Trends - Magento vs eCommerce

Google Trends – Magento vs eCommerce

I’ve found an old post from Bob Schwartz blog, where he noted that Magento is more popular keyword in Google than eCommerce and decided to check, is it still true.

So I went to Google Trends and had a look. Appeared that it is, in worldwide searches “Magento” appears more often than “ecommerce” as you may see the graph screenshot at the begin of this post.

Little secret why Magento can beat eCommerce

After playing a bit with graph I’ve found several other interesting facts (based on partial October 2014 data):

  • In US, UK and Canada eCommerce is a bit more popular term than Magento;
  • In Australia, New Zealand and India Magento is searched more often than eCommerce;

I specifically checked countries where English is a national language, because with all my respect to Magento, this amazing popularity aside of the fact that Magento is indeed the most popular eCommerce platform can be explained by the two factors:

  • eCommerce is just one (though probably the most popular) keyword for Internet commerce. If we add the closest synonym “e-commerce” together they beat Magento;
  • In countries where English isn’t the first language, less people look for term “eCommerce”, because they use a translation of it to the native language, like “commerce électronique” in French or “Onlinehandel” in German or “электронная коммерция” in Russian

You may check interactive graph for “Magento”, “eCommerce” and “ecommerce” keyword below, or click the link to Google Trends from the graph to do play more with the data.

Magento with peers

In spite of that little downgrading , I think that Magento is doing extremely well in terms of search engine popularity. If we compare it with peers (in relative popularity, 100 max), Google trends returns the next numbers:

  • Magento – 98
  • Woocommerce – 46
  • Shopify – 39
  • Hybris -10