Alex Levashov – eCommerce Consultant (Melbourne, Australia)

Magento order statuses visualised

Magento order statuses visualised

Diagram of Magento eCommerce Order statuses

Understanding of Magento order statuses may be a bit challenging, so it was a pleasant surprise when I have found this nice graphic visualization from Aligent Consulting. See the diagram as embedded twit below. Click to the image to enlarge it.

Couple notes from follow-up discussion in Twitter:

  • there maybe some differences with order statuses from version to version
  • A shipment can be created before an invoice which will also leads to the “Processing” state

For the additional reference here is a order workflow from official Magento CE 1.9 manual:

Magento Order Workflow - official Magento CE 1-9 manual

Magento Order workflow, (C) Magento Inc, 2014

As you may notice, the diagram from Aligent Consulting provides more details about payment processing stage, which is quite important to know.