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Magento – Shopify: 58 – 100

The number above shows that on 100 searches for Shopify there were only 58 searches for Magento in Australia last week.  Seems that Shopify is becoming in higher demand in the land down under according the chart from Google trend below. This chart shows relative popularity of Magento, Shopify, WooCommerce and generic keyword eCommerce from begin of 2015.

It is clear from this graph that Shopify is searched more often the Magento across most time periods.

How does this popularity in searches correspond with market share?

A short answer is not very well yet, while it may be a signal of trend.

According another sources, Shopify powers now 1,497 stores in Australia, while Magento (excluding enterprise edition) is used by 3,437 stores.

While Magento is a platform where I focus my business, it is understandable why Shopify gains popularity – there are quite many cases where simple and inexpensive solution like Shopify is good enough for business needs.

What is interesting is that another popular SaaS ecommerce solution BigCommerce is nowhere close to Shopify and Magento in searches, while has reportedly 1,693 shops that use it in Australia.

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