Magento and WordPress

While some people try to use WordPress for eCommerce websites and have a blog in Magento, I believe that each platform is excellent for the purpose it was built:

  • Magento eCommerce – for online stores
  • WordPress – for content websites and blogs

Today I came across a good overview of Magento and WordPress integration fromĀ Eric Landmann (Iterate LLC)

I tend to agree with him, for WordPress website the ability to update it easily via admin interface is very important, so the approach he suggests (Magento-centric website, use of Fishpig extension for integration with WordPress) should be right for most cases. Fishpig extension has mainly positive reviews on Magento Connect, while some reviewers report the problem with installation and upgrade to new version.

If you have first hand experience in this area – you are welcome to share your thoughts in comments.

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