Shopping cart abandonment cost retailers $18B in lost revenue per year

I’ve already touched shopping cart and checkout optimisation in a previous post.  Taking into account that 68% of online shoppers abandon their shopping cart, reduce of  shopping cart abandonment rate or recovering of customers who left the store without purchase look as a very good opportunity to improve sales and revenue for eCommerce businesses.

Recently I was referred to an interesting infographic  from Surepayroll blog that provides a good snapshot of why people leave online shops without purchases and what can be done with that. So here it is, enjoy!

Why Do Online Shoppers Leave Without Paying Infographic
Why online shoppers leave without paying? Click to view full size image

Several points  from this shopping cart abandonment inforgraphic that I have found the most not self-evident:

  • For 24% of people the website they left just crashed and for another 15% timed out. C’mon, it shouldn’t be some very exotic device/software combination for such significant share of people. Store owners and developers saved on QA?
  • Adding a product picture to shopping cart/checkout pages increases conversion 10%;
  • Around 24% of shoppers leave when they try to save a shopping cart for future use but can’t (N.B. Use platform that supports persistent shopping carts and wish lists like Magento eCommerce)

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