How to track untraceable? Use of Google Measurement Protocol to capture offline data and link it with online

One of the most beautiful things in digital marketing that we can measure everything: visits, page views, conversions, sources of traffic, engagement, etc (add your own important metric). That is really nice and help us to answer classical marketing challenge question and understand what advertising and promotion work. So is Continue Reading

What traffic channels really drive ecommerce revenue?

Email, social media, affiliate marketing, SEO, paid search – what works better to drive ecommerce revenue? Thanks to recent Marketing Sherpa report that I used earlier and continue to analyse, I have found interesting data to see what channels currently really help online retailers to sell. The researchers surveyed over 4,000 merchants Continue Reading

Magento eCommerce use by Second 500 Internet retailers

  Second 500 are US online retailers ranked from #501 to #1000 by revenue. They are mid-size businesses with revenue under $20M.  The diagram above illustrates that Magento feels quite good on this market: Magento has dominant position as an ecommerce platform, used by 64 retailers with $565M combined annual revenue. The Continue Reading